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''The principle of Islamic Finance is about transparency, ethics and fairness, as well as promoting entrepreneurship and sharing of risks and returns between financiers and entrepreneurs'' Editor in Chief, Dr Farhad Reyazat

The importance of Islamic finance market awareness may seem ‘obvious’, but consider how often could individuals or corporations make important financial decisions while possessing a weak understanding of Islamic finance market context.  Answers to such questions help gauge your sense of "what’s going on" in the Islamic Finance market. Situational awareness is particularly important due to its conceptual position as a key antecedent to effective decision-making.  In the context of Islamic finance, this means that the more familiar you are with the Islamic Finance environment, the better your financial decision-making process and outcomes. Over the last decade, there has been a substantial increase in the number of new initiatives to develop and improve the concept of Islamic Financing for potential investors, financial market players and other parties. Organising significant numbers of conferences and seminars and other activities have emerged with the goal of improving the social, economic and environmental impact of Islamic Finance products. 

In this issue:

Islamic Finance: A Golden Opportunity for Young  Entrepreneurs

If you do have a business idea or plan that you want to invest your time and money on within the Islamic  finance and banking industry it is firstly important to be acquainted with the key Shariah financing principles governing Islamic finance before making any informed decisions on your business plan ...

Islamic Finance and Global Financial Crises:

How to Keep Finance on Track? We think that our puzzle solving clue (hypothesis) to which we can attribute the crisis is  the deviation from  the basic assumption (or philosophy) driving investment as society welfare and growth tool on the long- term, to become a wild pursuit of short-term gains through orienting financial innovations and the laxity of  regulations to serve such new target-...

Islamic Finance and International Financial Regulation

The practice of Islamic finance is based on passages of the Qur’an, prohibiting Muslims from engaging  in forbidden economic activities, which shaped early Islamic commercial   practices. These  activities    consist  most  notably  of  riba, closely  translated  as interest,  and gharar, closely  translated  as uncertainty....

Islamic Investment - Part 2 GIF’s World Islamic Finance Investment Review

Islamic Finance is unprecedented in attracting global recognition from countries around the world which are eager to tap into the lucrative Islamic financial market.  With the sector being estimated to reach $2 trillion dollars by 2012 the market is spearheading ahead. Popular commodities such as Sukuk (Islamic bonds) and Takaful (insurance) is creating abundant opportunities for both Western and Muslim popuated countries on a global scale...

Interview with Dr Johannes Engels, Senior Advisor, Federal

Financial Supervisory Authority, Germany In the last decade, a German federal state was the first European issuer of a 100 million Euro asset  backed Sukuk, structured as a Sukuk al Ijarah, which is listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange...

Marketing - Innovative Ways to Market Your Islamic Financial Product Successfully.

There are a number of ways in this day and age of marketing a product and attracting our target market.  With the growth of technology including social networking reaching a wider audience has become easily  accessible if it is done in the correct way and marketed properly....

Islamic Banking - Thought Leadership Piece on Egypt

SWFs and Egypt:A Fresh Look at Infrastructure Funding and Investments. The popular uprisings against autocratic governance, which began in Tunisia, became a revolutionary  spark for the democratic aspirations of people in the Middle East, including Egypt...

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''The principle of Islamic Finance is about transparency, ethics and fairness, as well as promotin ...
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