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image Introduction to Risk Management in Islamic Banking – Basel II Compliance.
Event date: - 2012-12-07
image 12th Annual Islamic Finance Summit
Event date: - 2013-02-26
image The 3rd PPP MENA Conference
Event date: - 2013-03-17
image Islamic Finance Forum Europe
Event date: - 2013-05-28
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Subject :

Basel II and Islamic Banking, part 2

keyword :

basel, part 2, islamic banking

Description :

As we discussed in part I, the Internal Ratings-Based Approach used by conventional banking institutions in relation to Basel II would be ideal for Islamic banks, if it could be adapted accordingly. In terms of retail exposures, the IRB approach includes an expanded treatment, with credits categorised thus:

1. Collateralized by residential mortgages

2. Qualifying revolving retail exposures

3. Other retail exposures

Different products offered by Islamic banks have different collateral structures, that could permissibly be classified according to either category 1 or 3 above. The table below demonstrates which Islamic products would be suitable for which category.


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