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Subject :

Sharia’a-Compliant Investing-Many happy returns?

keyword :

portfolio, ethical investor, sharia'a, islamic finance

Description :

It is currently a widely held belief that sharia’a-compliant investment does not reap the same volume of returns as conventional investing. Here in this article we investigate if this is the case. Does it pay to be an ethical investor? Which sharia’acompliant asset classes are performing well and which aren’t? How can you as an Islamic investor make your sharia’a-compliant portfolio work for you?

Knowing your Limits

Islamic investment, by the very nature of its sharia’a-compliance, is limited in what areas it can cover. Haram industries include pig-rearing; tobacco; alcohol; adult entertainment industries and gambling. Islamic investors, therefore, are prohibited from investing in any assets or business activities connected with these areas. It is true that year-to-year these industries collectively yield billions of pounds, dollars and yen worldwide, but in terms of sheer numbers, the amount of industries that are off-limits to sharia’a investors are relatively few in the grand scheme of things. Lucrative areas that are open to the Islamic investor are numerous and include Real Estate; the Halal food industry; shipping; commodities; and most entertainment businesses such as sports teams and record companies.


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