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image Introduction to Risk Management in Islamic Banking – Basel II Compliance.
Event date: - 2012-12-07
image 12th Annual Islamic Finance Summit
Event date: - 2013-02-26
image The 3rd PPP MENA Conference
Event date: - 2013-03-17
image Islamic Finance Forum Europe
Event date: - 2013-05-28
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Awards and Rankings

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Global Islamic Finance Magazine (GIF) is launching an unprecedented ranking for the Islamic finance and banking industry.  Comprehensive research on upcoming rankings is expected to be released this year at the awards ceremony in Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

These prestigious rankings provide a comprehensive outlook into the Global Islamic financial industry and are the first of its kind. GIF is working hard to ensure that both individuals and institutions are included in the list of high ranking categories. If you are interested in taking part please register your interest at the earliest

We are only able to include Institutions for which we have updated results in each category, so ensure that your Institution will provide us with updated data.

No financial payment is made to any survey interviewees, and the cost of the Survey is funded by Global Islamic Finance magazine, with no third party financial sponsorship or support.


Submissions Site: www.globalislamicfinancerankings.com


Our primary aim is to reward institutions and individuals for demonstrable achievement in promoting and developing the Islamic finance market regionally and internationally. The Awards are open to everyone involved in the Islamic finance and banking industry.

Winning a Global Islamic Finance Award demonstrates that your company is leading the world in its innovative thinking, ethical approach, and that your team is delivering effective, impactful solutions to the Islamic financial market.

Find out more: www.globalislamicfinanceawards.com

Submissions Site: www.globalislamicfinancerankings.com


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