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image Introduction to Risk Management in Islamic Banking – Basel II Compliance.
Event date: - 2012-12-07
image 12th Annual Islamic Finance Summit
Event date: - 2013-02-26
image The 3rd PPP MENA Conference
Event date: - 2013-03-17
image Islamic Finance Forum Europe
Event date: - 2013-05-28
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Brand Ambassador

A great opportunity to gain new work experience and to develop your interpersonal skills
Brand Ambassadors acts as direct communication channels between the company and its audience. Ambassadors need high communication skills and wide knowledge about their brands. By becoming the brand ambassador, you have a chance to enrich your work experience and to contribute to the development of Global Islamic Finance magazine.

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                                                                    Brand Ambassadors Profiles

Global Islamic Finance Magazine invites the financial elites who has passion for Islamic Finance to joing our GIF magazine Brand Ambassador Programme. Here you can find the profile of our current GIF magazine Brand Ambassador. Our Brand Ambassador now have a blog. Please go on 'Islamic Finance & Banking Savvier' to find out more.

Brand Ambassador in Bahrain

Saleem Uddin Faisal
Represented Institution Gulf Assist - a MAPERE Co.
Saleem Uddin Faisal is a Certified Takaful Professional (CTP), Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) as well as Commerce Graduation along with Chartered Accountancy (CA). He has about twelve years of experience in reinsurance, banking, finance, audit and business consultancy business. Also, he has worked in multinational organisations including reinsurance, banking, trading, manufacturing and service oriented industries.

Brand Ambassador in Egypt
  Mahmoud El Aref
Represented Institution Design Concept Co.
Coming soon...

Brand Ambassador in India
   Amjad Suri
 Represented Institution  Preston International College
I was born in Aligarh,India where i lived most of my life benefiting from warm and supportive family , and a city which provided me with a sound education and opportunities for personal growth.Having First Class Graduate in Chemistry from Aligarh Muslim University,AMU India I take admission in MFC ( Master in Finance & Control ) in AMU and learn many concepts in the Investment Banking and Corporate financing decisions.During my University days in AMU i was associated with some philanthropic organisations that worked for the upliftment of the poor's and downtroddens. I began my professional career as an Equity Advisor in Kotak Securities for 3 year, New Delhi, India and then worked in HDFCSec for a year.During the Job work I develop an interest in Islamic Finance and start collecting information on the Islamic Finance and its resistance against the recession.I admitted to the INCEIF to pursue the coveted CIFP(Chartered Islamic Finance pro gramme)  with a full sponsorship from the Central Bank of Malaysia.During the CIFP I get a first hand experience about the practical workings in the Islamic finance with a strong thrust on morality and ethics based education. Presently I am working in Preston International College in Chennia,India and lecturing students on Investments & Islamic Finance.
   Ali Shervani
 Represented Institution  Mifrah Advisory India Pvt Ltd
  Coming soon...
   Syed Ilyas Basha
 Represented Institution  Islami Dar al Mal
  Coming soon...

Brand Ambassador in Jordan
   Basil Armoush
 Represented Institution  Tamkeen Counsultancy
  • Excellent managerial skills.
  • Excellent ability  to provide quality customer service and ensure customer satisfaction with excellent communication and relationship building skills
  • Professional sales negotiator
  • Professional sales coaching

Brand Ambassador in Malaysia
   Azizakhon Yarlaeva
 Represented Institution  INCEIF
  Coming soon...


Brand Ambassador in Morocco
   Bouhssine Ben Jadda
 Represented Institution  n/a
  • BA holder + Certificate of Higher Education and a Baccalaureate Diploma.
  • He has a good experience in Customer service and computer maintenance
  • He can speak three different languages “Arabic, English and French”
  • He is a very self-motivated person and he has a great interest in Islamic economics and Finance. 

Brand Ambassador in Nigeria
   Auwalu Ado
 Represented Institution  African Alliance Insurance (Takaful)
Always willing to learn something new. Auwalu Ado loves travelling and meeting people. He has a strong passion for Islamic Finance. He has over ten years of experience in conventional commercial banking and hope to become one of the leading figures in the Islamic finance industry. He wishes to contribute his knowledge to its development in his country.
   Alfa Abudulrahman Usma Alfa
 Represented Institution  Legacy Pension Managers Limited
  Coming soon...

Brand Ambassador in Pakistan
   Adeeb Zaki
 Represented Institution  GSM Pakistan
Adeeb Zaki is one of the best Media Professionals in Pakistan, who has proven his self in the field of advertising and marketing. After completion of his MBA Adeeb have been associated with various ad agencies and marketing companies. In 2011 Adeeb Zaki has moved to UAE and currently working there for Orbit Advertising in Ajman. Adeeb has been hired to implement international standards and systems and establish media department.
   Asim Hameed
 Represented Institution  Meezan Bank Limited
Mr. Asim is working as a Senior Associate at Product Development, Shar'iah Audit & Compliance and Islamic Financial Advisory (PDSC) Department of Pakistan’s premier and largest Islamic Bank i.e. Meezan Bank Limited. Under Islamic Financial Services role, he is involved in offering following services; Product Development and Refinement, Islamic Capital Market Advisory, Establishing and Managing Islamic Stock Market Indices, Shar’iah-Compliant Corporate Restructuring, Internal and External Training, Shar’iah Audit, Shar’iah Compliance & Strengthening Internal Shar’iah Controls. Prior joining Meezan Bank, he worked with chartered accountant firm. He is currently pursuing his professional studies with ACCA global after completing his business degree. Mr. Asim is an Islamic Finance professional having diversified knowledge of his field. He has done range of certifications to excel his command over Islamic Banking and Finance. He wants to contribute his skills and expertise to the industry to support & develop interest free milieu by providing the variety of alternative to conventional interest based environment.
   Muhammad Farrukh Saleem
 Represented Institution  Packages Limited
Muhammad Farrukh is a young internationally qualified Finance Professional certified by reputed global accountancy body ACCA, UK. His career starts with a Chartered Accountancy practice firm and currently, he is working with a leading multinational in Pakistan, Packages Limited. Along with he is specializing in financial risk with a keen inclination towards Islamic finance. His experience and knowledge towards financial topics coupled with his passion towards Islamic finance make him a right choice to promote our magazine as well as Islamic Finance
   Khawaja Khalid Mushtaq
 Represented Institution  IBA Karachi
Khawaja Khalid Mushtaq is currently pursuing MBA from IBA Karachi ,A well reputed premier business school of Pakistan. He holds a Master degree from International Islamic University Islamabad  duals in Economics and finance.and JAIBP from Institute of bankers Pakistan. Before coming to IBA Karachi he served  in Pakistan largest and premier Islamic bank i.e Meezan Bank limited in retail banking and was posted in Islamabad region of the bank.He has attended many conferences of Islamic banking and has written articles for promotion and prorogation of Islamic banking.

Brand Ambassador in Qatar
   Said Bunu Bwana
 Represented Institution  Pebble Hill University
Said Bunu is pursuing MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance. He is very much interested in Islamic finance and he would like the public to be fully aware of the importance of the industry. Especially in the current era where it has great potential of making economies grows steadily.

Brand Ambassador in Saudi Arabia
   Farhaa Xha
 Represented Institution  UOL, Young Arab Women Entrepreneurs
  • Undergrad Student of economics and development studies/ diploma in News writing
  • YAWE ( Young Arab Women Entrepreneur ) representative
  • ‘Voices of our future 2011” Citizen Correspondent

Brand Ambassador in Sri Lanka
   Mirak Farook
 Represented Institution  Amana Bank Limited
  Coming soon...

Brand Ambassador in UAE
   Muhammad Zeeshan
 Represented Institution  2 interact Inc. Middle East
  Coming soon...
   Kareem Hammour
 Represented Institution  American Univeristy in Dubai
Kareem Hammour is a Canadian national of Syrian origin, and he currently resides in Dubai, UAE. His birthplace is Riyadh, KSA where he had lived for almost sixteen years. He studies at the American University in Dubai, majoring in Marketing. His interest in Islamic finance and economics began as he realised the lacking of ethics and morals in business. He is more than willing to learn it himself in order to help in education both Muslims and non-Muslim about the his religion’s economic system.
   Majd Ghanem
 Represented Institution  Etisalat Communication
  Coming soon...
   Ichrak Bennani
 Represented Institution  n/a
  Coming soon...
   Muhammad Athar Khan
 Represented Institution  Mayfair Wealth Management
  Coming soon...
   Rana Waqas
 Represented Institution  Standard Chartered Bank
  Coming soon...
   Abubkr Azeem
 Represented Institution  Unikai Dairies Co Psc
  Coming soon...

Brand Ambassador in UK
   Dian Kartika Rahajeng
 Represented Institution  Durham Univeristy
Dian Kartika Rahajeng is a young adaptive and energetic learner and these had been proved in many different working environments. She believes her qualification in accounting and her great interest in Islamic economics and finance would make her positive in contributing for the society.
   Bilal Khan
 Represented Institution  Markfield Institution of Higher Education
  Coming soon...
   Aness Razzak
 Represented Institution  Aston Business School
Anees Razzak is a finance specialist with vast array of skills and attributes stemming from his work experiences (Thomson Reuters, Fujitsu, IFAAS and EIBF) and outstanding academic achievements (BSc Economics and Business Finance: 1st Class Hons).

Currently undertaking MSc Islamic Finance at Aston Business School (triple accreditation), to engage in a career within Islamic Banking.

Brand Ambassador in USA
   Tamanna Hye
 Represented Institution  n/a
  Coming soon...

More about Brand Ambassador Programme

A brand ambassador is someone who has the brand’s best interests at heart. S/he should promote the brand through personal conversations, giving out product information, and increasing product awareness among peers. Ambassador helps the public to understand what’s being offered to them, the nature of the product , and what they should think about it. Brand ambassadors ideally listen and learn from ongoing conversations and then engage in them, forming bi-directional interactions.
If you are interested in the industry, and  like to be around people, then  this is the perfect job for you. As an Ambassador of the Global Islamic Finance magazine, you will be responsible for promoting the magazine around your University as well as at pre-arranged events.
Development opportunities:
- Improve your business skills
- Gain additional knowledge of the industry
- Be rewarded for your work 
- Be proud and share your business experience in your CV -  we will provide official references
- Be a part of a professional publication
- Have articles published in an international magazine
How to apply:
Our team is taking great care in selecting potential Brand Ambassador candidates, so make sure that you provide a recently updated CV showing your interpersonal and communication skills.
Contact details:

 - Please send your CV and cover letter to online@globalislamicfinancemagazine.com
 - Landline: +44 207 859 8201


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